Beautiful Creatures Animal Ranch


Pony Ride prices starting at $300

Prices vary based on travel and number of ponies

Additional fees apply for costuming & cart rides  

All riders must wear a helmet & sign a waiver

Helmets and mounting blocks are provided.


Our ponies & horses are healthy, clean and ready for your next event!

Ponies Parties & Private Events

Our ponies & horses are always happy to provide safe rides for children and adults.  We have ponies of all sizes ranging from small ponies to to full sized horses.  They can usually provide around 15-20 rides per hour.  All riders must wear a helmet and should have closed toed shoes.  

Offered in Florida & New York

Pony Rides for Community Events

We offer safe ponies & horses for rides at community events.  Our ponies can provide rides in a safe, roped off area. All participants must wear a helmet and sign a waiver.  Rides at community events are for children ages 4 & up.  Weight limits may apply depending on the size of the pony.  

Costumed & Themed Ponies

Our ponies are happy to be a part of your special theme.  Unicorns, My Little Pony, Pegasus and more!  Let us make your child's Pony Party one they will never forget!

Cart Rides

Cart rides are a great alternative to pony rides!  Cart rides can accomodate a variety of ages at once.  Ponies and carts can be dressed to match your theme or holiday event!  


Offered in Florida & New York

Offered in Florida & New York

Costume availability varies depending on location.

Additional fees starting at $75 & up apply.

Offered in Florida

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