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     If you want a truly unique experience to add to your wedding, schedule one of our amazing burros to be a part of your special day.  Our well-trained burros will arrive outfitted with their packs ready to deliver beverages during your cocktail hour.  They love to hang out with guests and take selfies!  Our donkeys love taking photos and are also available for bridal pictures, participation in your ceremony and can even act as the ring bearer.

*Beverages and ice are not included and are to be provided by the bar upon arrival.  

    There is nothing more intriguing than adding a pair of llamas or alpacas to join you on your special day.  When you invite our llamas and alpacas to your wedding, they arrive clean and ready to make it amazing.  They are happy to participate in your ceremony, pose for your bridal photos, hang out with your guests and even help your bartender deliver beverages.  Our llamas are very used to working in crowds and are happy to arrive dressed with wedding accessories.  

Simply adding a petting zoo to your wedding day will make it unforgettable.  Our clean, well-socialized petting farm animals are great a option to entertain guests and small children during your cocktail hour. All of our animals are used to being help and love posing for photos.  Our petting zoo animals can easily be set up on grass, a patio or even indoors followed by a quick and easy click up by our professional staff.

*Click HERE to view a full list of our petting zoo options.

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Please EMAIL us for prices & scheduling.

Please EMAIL us for prices & scheduling.

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